National Grand Lodge of Bulgaria

The National Grand Lodge of Bulgaria (NGLB) was consecrated in 2007 in Rome, with the Light from the National Grand Lodge of the Freemasons of Italy (1805), under the auspices of which it was operating initially.
The NGLB is operating according to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, honoring all Rules and Regulations, as well as the Old Landmarks, that govern the proper functioning of Freemasonry.
The NGLB maintains two Lodges in Sofia, and one lodge in Plovdiv.
The NGLB believes that the material part of life is to serve the spirit in its path for wisdom and applied evolution in daily life.
The NGLB believes and proclaims that Freemasonry is a practical Way of spiritual advancement that can lead man, society and humanity as a whole, in their upward evolution towards Divinity and out of the cell of this material world.
The NGLB realizes its aims through the established method of Freemasonry which above all respect the dignity, free will and independence of each and every one of its members, and which although it follows no specific dogma, yet is capable of giving answers and finding solutions to all the issues and problems that face man and society today upon the Earth, with the purpose of having a whole and meaningful life, full of real joy, happiness, light and health.
The NGLB believes that human beings can change only through conscious actions in everyday life, that man can find love only through practicing the duty of helping others and this is why NGLB actively devotes its strength and power to help other who are in need in any possible way – material or subtle.

Our Members