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Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: New Year’s Message from CMSA

My dear and illustrious brothers. It is with great pleasure and immense joy that I write these short New Year’s

Winter Solstice Greetings: A Message of Unity and Brotherhood

The sun is now moving to its lowest point in the firmament in the northern hemisphere…we have been moving towards

On the current Situation in the Middle East

We have all witnessed the terrible events in Israel in recent days. As an outsider it is difficult to understand

Consecration Ceremony of the Grand Traditional Lodge of Brazil (GLTB)

On 18/03/2023 we had the incredible pleasure of carrying out our consecration together with the making of the patent letter

Uniting masonic Forces: embracing Harmony, Humanism, and a new Era of Enlightenment

From the very beginning, I would like to congratulate from my heart those who worked to make our meeting today

Freemasonry and the Fountain of true Life

We have gathered here today to affirm and to celebrate the ideals of the genuine and unadulterated Freemasonry. These ideals

A New Masonic Lodge in Morocco’s South

We would have loved to be there physically, but with Video Conference it is even better, since the maximum number

The Power of Unity: Building a better Future together

The human beings reach to be the prevalent specie of our planet, becoming the number one predator of its resources.

United in the Brotherhood

Here we are again. Many, I’d like to imagine all the Brothers, from many places, from all the places around