The Humanity is living a unique Experience these days


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

the Humanity is living a unique experience these days, as it never happened in History a pandemic spreading so quickly with this scale.

Fortunately with less consequences regarding the loss of human lives, so far, as others in the past, due to restrictions and health care services. However, the measures to limit the movement of people and the paralysis of significant economic activities never were so global.

The pandemic is global, the consequences are global, the solutions must be global too!

It is a decisive moment to set aside individual and national egoisms and differences, in order to cooperate and find global solutions for these and other global challenges that threaten the human race.

Doesn’t matter the ideology, the religion, the colour of the skin, we are all habitants of this planet and we need to share accurate information, to share knowledge and experiments, to work together to reach solutions before it’s too late.

Therefore, Dear Brothers, the values of Freemasonry – our values of Mutual Understanding, Respect and Fraternity – are the only ones that can take us out of theses difficulties. It is absolutely necessary to spread these values as much as possible.

We cannot change the world because we cannot change the human nature, but we have the moral obligation of makintg our best to make it a little better, at least.

With the Triple Fraternal Embrace from all the Portuguese Brothers.

So said I…

Libânio Murteira Reis

Grand Master
Grand Masonic Lodge of Portugal