Unified Fraternal Chain of our Confederation


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

The area over which the Light of our Brotherhood shines: from Cabo da Rocca in the West, to the Golan Heights in the East, from Neumühlbach in the North to Sahara desert in the South, and with us the whole world, found itself in circumstances that we could not have imagined until just a few months ago.

In just a few weeks, we saw the disappearance of the freedoms and rights we thought were forever won: freedom of movement, the right to work, economic stability, the freedom to hug and kiss loved ones.

Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and life in a limited space have taken over our lives.

We have also been deprived of the opportunity to gather in our beautiful and precious Temples and embrace our Brothers.

Suddenly we got the abundance of time we had longed for, soon realizing that without our Freedom and Free Will the time was anxious and empty. When the world stopped, so did we. Finally, there was a chance to think about all the big and small things that make life beautiful, and which we were suddenly deprived of.

That is life. Only when some people or things are taken away from us do we realize how important they were. But, most often, then it is irrevocably late.

Now it is not like that, and it is not too late. Our Brothers are here. Our Temple is here. And the Light is here as well. In its serene peace, the Temple awaited our footsteps and smiles. The chain of fraternal hands could not be joined, but the chain of fraternal hearts was strong and did not separate for a single moment.

Dear Brothers, when the time comes for us to step into our Temples again, let us appreciate more every moment we spend together. Let us show more respect for the knowledge, wisdom, and uniqueness of each Brother. Let us enjoy the feeling of closeness and mutual trust, smiles and happiness. Let us enjoy the Beauty that makes our lives fulfilled and rich, under the brilliant Light of our masonic Idea.

So said I…

Grand Master

Grand Masonic Lodge of Serbia