A New Masonic Lodge in Morocco’s South


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

We would have loved to be there physically, but with Video Conference it is even better, since the maximum number of Brothers can participate. Indeed, it is the magic of our Brotherhood and the Agility of our Confederation that allowed us to schedule this Video Conferences in order to bring us all together.

Currently in Morocco, we have practically resumed in a normal way all the Masonic activities, and I would like to inform you, that at the beginning of this year, we have dedicated a new Lodge to the Orient of Dakhla in the far south of Morocco, that we have named ” Triangulum Australe” with reference  to the constellation in far southern celestial hemisphere.

I can tell you that all the Brothers of the Moroccan National Grand Lodge are proud of this new Lodge in far south of Morocco as it is the first and the unique masonic Lodge in this part of Morocco Saraha. The choice of the location  was made due to the launch of  many significant projects namely in industry, banking, Insurance, and many multiple businesses, also because  the city of Dakhla begins to expend  rapidly , and finally because of the inauguration of more that 20  diplomatic representations.

So said I…

Hassan El Azhari
Grand Master
Grande Loge Nationale Marocaine