Consecration Ceremony of the Grand Traditional Lodge of Brazil (GLTB)


My very dear Brothers in all your qualities!
My very dear Readers in the appropriate form of salutation!

On March 18, 2023 we had the incredible pleasure of officially recognizing the Traditional Grand Lodge of Brazil. Under the leadership and presence of the national Grand Lodges of Portugal, Austria and Serbia, the regularity of this Grand Lodge was witnessed, the light was brought in and the letter of patent was issued. The Grand Traditional Lodge of Brazil is now considered a regular and compliant Grand Lodge as a regular member of Global Freemasonry and an associate member of our Confederacy.

Given the presence of Brothers from five Brazilian parts of the country and three European countries, it was a wonderful weekend in Sao Paulo characterized by great mutual appreciation, which brought different nationalities but also ethnic groups together at one table and once again underlined the universality of Freemasonry.

This day also marks the beginning of the founding of our sister organization Symbolic Confederation of the Americas (CMSA), which will begin its work according to our rules and landmarks. The correct interpretation of the basic principles and landmarks of Scottish Freemasonry, lived according to the great constitutions, is part of our philosophy and only correctly recognized and patented Grand Lodges are accepted by us. This is a key quality feature of our organization and sets us apart from inflationary and profiteering connections elsewhere.

We thank the great architect of the universe, all the brothers who believe in our work and give us the strength to make a further contribution every day to the benefit of universal Freemasonry and all of humanity.

May our days be prosperous, progressive and unifying, and may our efforts make this planet a better place to live.

President of CGLEM