Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: New Year’s Message from CMSA


My dear and illustrious brothers.

It is with great pleasure and immense joy that I write these short New Year’s messages to you. Because this past year was remarkable for all of us, the images of memories will be forever etched in our minds, we experienced together the strengthened union between all of us. It is with great joy that I address my brothers and their families to express my eternal thanks for the healthy coexistence provided throughout this year of 2023. Another stage that is filled with a very special emotion, which I confess is almost impossible to describe, Because as already said above, there are many thoughts and beautiful images that parade through my mind, leading from the first contact to the present moment. Facts and moments that shaped our road in Freemasonry, this new illuminated road where we now walk hand in hand, Confederation of Grand Lodges of Europe and the Mediterranean-CGLEM and Confederation of Symbolic Freemasonry of the Americas CMSA.

At this moment of concluding another Masonic journey, on behalf of the CMSA, I offer sincere and loyal recognition and thanks to everyone, honoring the vestments of my Freemason soul. At this moment I can say THANK YOU to everyone, thanks to the Great Architect of the universe, thanks to my beloved brothers, and we continue forward.

I hope that the new year is welcomed with great joy by all of us and that optimism is responsible for a large number of new achievements. May success be our final destination on this path that we walk together and may each obstacle further solidify all the good that we can build together. Happy New Year.

President CMSA