Winter Solstice Greetings: A Message of Unity and Brotherhood


Dear Brothers in all your qualities!

I would like to convey you best wishes for the Winter Solstice!

The sun is now moving to its lowest point in the firmament in the northern hemisphere…we have been moving towards this semi-darkness for some time now, a situation that will undoubtedly now turn into the opposite with the winter solstice…but it remains unaffected at the moment the state of instability in many countries, the causes for this are diverse and known to all of us.

These times are particularly challenging for us Freemasons, we can and must ensure that we set a good example at all times in our mundane environment. But we are also obliged to set a good example in our brotherhoods at all times. We must defend our temples from any kind of profanation at all times. Intolerance, hatred and violence have no place in our world, our personal religious and political views, as well as personal vanities, must never have a negative influence on our brotherhoods, which is why one of the strongest Masonic symbols is the beehive. We must be careful about our choice of words at all times, so as not to offend other Brothers. As leaders we are responsible for good communication between each other and must always lead by example.

Belief in the core values and landmarks of Freemasonry is the bond that unites us and stands above everything else. Let us remember at all times the Masonic ideals: liberty, equality, fraternity, humanity and tolerance!

At this point i would like to thank our very dear Brother organization CMSA. We have already achieved many common goals in the short time of our deepened brotherhood. Another great milestone on the map of our cooperation was the consecration ceremony of the Grand Traditional Lodge of Paraguay, with the help of the Grand Lodges of Portugal, Italy and Austria, successfully done last weekend in the city of Lisbon. We hope for many more positive moments together. On the same weekend we also celebrated our St.Johns Day festival, together with our dear Brethren from North Macedonia in the city of Salzburg, it shows us that it is possible to strengthen our bonds beyond all borders. We must continue to walk on this path in the future. I hope to meet you all at latest on weekend 10-12th May 6024 at the upcoming Confederation Reunion in Montebelli, Tuscany, Italy.

My beloved Brothers in all your qualities, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Confederation I wish you all a wonderful festive time and a happy and healthy start in 6024!

May the Great Architect lead us into an aera which brings a new wave of respect, tolerance and humanity into our societies, so I said.


President C∴G∴L∴E∴M∴

Grand Master G∴M∴L∴A