Uniting masonic Forces: embracing Harmony, Humanism, and a new Era of Enlightenment


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

From the very beginning, I would like to congratulate from my heart those who worked to make our meeting today possible.

I am very glad, at least virtually, if otherwise it is not possible, to be with you again and to assure you of all my fraternal love, to send you the greetings of our beloved brother Supreme Grand Comandor Nitzan Gross, of the Past Grand Master Cristi Iusko, as well as all the brothers from Romania.

It’s been a long time since we’ve haven’t been able to meet and shake hands and I can say :I miss this, but that doesn’t mean our Masonic work has been stopped or stopped for a moment.

I am convinced that together we will be able to reach the highest peaks! It is obvious that all the achievements were achieved with effort, and the efforts were not small at all. But I wonder: what would be the satisfaction if I didn’t work for them?

We are going through difficult times and it is important that now we are more united and more determined than ever. It is our duty to contribute to the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of society. The wisdom, love and affinity for beauty with which we have been endowed must sustain our actions.

Today the whole of humanity seems to be in a crisis of identity: ignorance, unconsciousness even … denigration of common sense and reason to the detriment of excesses and passions, egocentrism, denial of values, all these become more and more visible and is it is our duty to fight against these things. I would like to make a small parenthesis and bring to your attention some aspects that we encounter more and more often, in society, namely: ignorance, lack of reaction, lack of initiatives and initiators, lack of enthusiasm, lack of love for others our, intolerance taken to the extreme.

They can be combated by the power of a positive example, so launching new currents, changing mindsets, training active people who want to be involved are and must continue to be some of the goals of CGLEM.

I would ask you, my brothers:

Can Freemasonry sit and do nothing in this context? What can Freemasonery do? How can it reach the heart of the Brethren and how can it come to the aid of humanity in the twenty-first century? Will Freemasonry continue to fight for the truth, against tyranny and dogma, will it carry the banner of humanity further?

The answer is YES

We must militate, fight against ignorance and only through involvement, perseverance and devotion can we achieve all our goals. It is more necessary than ever to return to the first love, to the teaching left to us by our forefathers and which guided us on the first steps of the spiral, the first steps of apprenticeship.

But helping people to walk in a straight and correct way will not be easy, especially when they do not want to be helped. A person who has been deprived of any tool by which he could have developed and who has been poisoned all his life with false dogmas can no longer recognize the truth or the need to possess it. However, our duty, as Freemason brothers, is to provide true role models, to support the arts in all their forms, to imprint in people’s minds the idea of fairness, duty and beauty. Only in this way, over time, will the harmful effects of contemporary society be counteracted.

People only accept change when needed and see the need only in crisis. Modern man must think on a world scale, he must see beyond the racial, philosophical and religious barriers that most often separate him from his peers. The call for unity must be as widespread as possible, but the call for the common interest for the future of those who will follow us is essential. Order must reset the common principles and interests of all, and communication is the key to a new beginning. A united Masonic Europe may be the future, but the future is built by union and not dissent, by brotherhood and not against brotherhood by consensus and not boycott. We fight for harmony, humanism, liberalism and equate each other so that the century of spiritual revival and the beginning of a new era of great revelations can begin. We must be strong and united, we have common values.

Each of us has his own personality and temperament, but the Mason must learn to be wise and temperate and to take into account the freedom and thinking of others. We must not let pride and pride stand in the way of common work. We must forget about divergences and rivalry. Let us not forget that union makes power, and power lives in unity.

Leave the Metals at the door of the temple!

leave out of you all that could divide us, all that dehumanizes us, and all that is against our principles. It is our duty to bring LIGHT into people’s lives and into society as a whole, and that is what should guide us.

So said I…

Marius Farkas
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of New Enlightment of Romania