Freemasonry and the Fountain of true Life


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

We have gathered here today to affirm and to celebrate the ideals of the genuine and unadulterated Freemasonry. These ideals remain essentially unknown to all of us, for if they were truly known, and therefore applied in our everyday lives, many of the hardships that the world faces at the present time, would indeed be less severe.

The purpose of Freemasonry is to help people in their desire to move upwards towards the realms of true Spiritual Life, for the benefit of the individual, as well as of all living beings upon this Earth. To do this, Freemasonry teaches by ritual and by example, the science and art of continuously erecting Temples to Virtue, Truth and Justice within our Heart, within our Lodges and within Society in general, of continuously confirming through our actions the state of True Liberty, Honesty and Humility, and of continuously working through Self-less Love and Devotion in order to unite all that is divided, fragmented, broken down or shattered into pieces, in us and around us.

Freemasonry is a path of continuous hard work to clean and open our hearts, and keep them ever more clean and open, and to clean and open our minds, and keep them ever more clean and open, so that we can hear and receive the message, the guidance, and the command of the GAOTU, who speaks to us not through books, written texts, stories, or all kinds of constructed and invented theories and ideologies, but Who speaks to us only through the Universal Language of Love revealed to us through the infinite manifestations of the Current of Life that shape the environment in which we all live and work.

To achieve this the sincere and devoted Freemason must find deep within himself the Fountain of this ever-flowing and ever-renewed Current of Life, and to open up to it, so that he may be freed from the darkness of ignorance, from the heavy burdens of accumulated misdeeds, from the bonds and ties of his desires and uncontrollable impulses, and from the strange dead-ends that his perversions have led him to.

The only way to become worthy to receive this all-saving Current of Life that flows without stop from the Heart of the GAOTU, is by embracing all its qualities, by letting it spring pure and clean in our hearts, and finally by letting it emerge in the world through our conscious actions in service of His Will.

Our Rituals delineate perfectly the stages of this process. First, Preparation and Cleanness, then Experience through application in action of the Masonic principles, and finally Knowledge of Death and Re-birth. The successful passage from one stage to the other never ends, because the Master’s Re-birth actually means an ascent and entrance to a higher level of consciousness as an Apprentice once more, who has to clean himself in a more subtle way, acquire deeper experience, and accept more effectively to forego his dependence on the external aspect of things.

This is truly a never ending process, just as Life is a never stopping and never ending flow of all things towards a higher and more luminous state of existence. To feel and to think otherwise and therefore to act accordingly is not only the end of spiritual evolution, but also a going backwards in this process, by succumbing to unbridled egoism and arrogance. And this is exactly the disease from which humanity suffers.

So let us forever seek this Fountain of Life, let us devote ourselves to becoming channels for the Current of True Life, and let the Light and the Vibrations that we allow to be emitted from our hearts change ourselves, the world, and the environment around us.

Humanity now more than ever needs pure hearts and determined wills devoted unselfishly to help those around them and to bring Light, Love and Justice to all suffering beings upon the Earth. This was and will ever be the obligation of a true and sincere Freemason.

So said I…

Kimon Theodoropoulos
Grand Master
Regular Grand Lodge of the Freemasons of Greece