Uniting Humanity in the Face of a Global Crisi


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

Humanity is being seriously and universally affected by an invisible coronavirus, that carries its damaging burden indiscriminately for any reason.

The strength in it which it attacks is uneven between different countries and in the regions that form these countries. Despite this, it has become clear that there are many more things that unite us, than separates us. There are some complex feelings that we all share: pain, uncertainty, fear, hope, solidarity, or fraternity. All of these emotions belong to the human condition.

In just a few months, our lives have changed. So, to defend ourselves in this scenario, we are e value personal care more as well as to those with whom we interact on a daily basis. We act responsibly so as to protect ourselves and by doing so, guarantee our health, or even life itself. We are putting aside other values ​​or interests that are now meaningless.

It is worth mentioning the greatest heroes of this time who are, at their own risk, doing their jobs on behalf of our patients, as well as our economy, so that our health can be treated, as well as being able to obtain our most basic needs.

At least for the time being, it seems that the human race is being responsible for what is really important, among which I would like to highlight the BROTHERHOOD with whom we are acting in a general way. Therefore we are placing the general welfare as our utmost value, and the solidarity that unites us, as an essential element of our future.

So said I…

Jesus Corella Garcia
Grand Master
Grand Orient of Spain