A Word from the President: building virtual Bridges


Dear reader in the appropriate form of salutation!

We are facing the biggest challenge of our generation. The planet stands still because of a very small virus which shows us our role on earth. Nature shows us our limits.

Let me first of all wish you and your loved ones good health. I know that in some countries the problems are enormous. Not only in terms of health, but also in terms of economy. Many businesses suffer tremendously from governmental restrictions. And we all do not know what tomorrow brings. It is very difficult to evaluate all measures taken from official sides. The information we get cannot be verified and lots of rumours are on social networks. On the other hand – imagine the burden on the shoulders of people who must make decisions which can have huge impact in one way or the other. My deepest respect to all those, who do all this respectfully and with the necessary responsibility.

Also my deepest gratitude to all fellow citizens, who are in the first row, fighting this virus. All doctors, nurses and workers who keep our daily life up and running.

Our Brotherhood is a keeper of values. But it is not good enough to keep the ashes. Specially in times like this we must carry the fire. I agree to physical distancing, but never to social distancing. We must keep in touch with the help of electronic media available to all of us. We must keep in touch within the Brothers of our lodges, our countries and within the confederation and beyond.

In a situation like this, we should also recognize that in “normal” times there were always people in our societies who were socially isolated. They were alone, as we are now. This is a point where we have to draw a conclusion when it is all over. Taking care of each other and take care of the lonely.

In our point of view, it is necessary to build a virtual bridge that opens a way across all borders, to allow us to exchange ideas in a Masonic manner even in these difficult times. Therefore we are planning a digital meeting for participation via smartphone or computer on coming up Sunday, 24th of May, at 5pm MET.

The invitation link will be sent in the columns. We should all unite and hear the voices from all countries of our wonderful Confederation and might be beyond.

So said I…

Karl Walder
President of C.·.G.·.L.·.E.·.M.·.