On the current Situation in the Middle East

We have all witnessed the terrible events in Israel in recent days. As an outsider it is difficult to understand these brutal acts of terror, which were mainly directed against the civilian population, we are all in shock.

A New Masonic Lodge in Morocco’s South

We would have loved to be there physically, but with Video Conference it is even better, since the maximum number of Brothers can participate. Indeed, it is the magic of our Brotherhood and the Agility of our Confederation that allowed us to schedule this Video Conferences in order to bring us all together.

Message for the Confederation

The 55 days of confinement were certainly very difficult with thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of jobs lost, but they allowed many brothers to find themselves thanks to the WhatsApp group and to the bi-monthly meetings organised by our lodges.

Unfortunately these groups, sometimes badly controlled by their leaders, have generated political and sectarian aberrations exacerbated by this confinement.

Unified Fraternal Chain of our Confederation

The area over which the Light of our Brotherhood shines: from Cabo da Rocca in the West, to the Golan Heights in the East, from Neumühlbach in the North to Sahara desert in the South, and with us the whole world, found itself in circumstances that we could not have imagined until just a few months ago.